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Movie Review: Laung Laachi, Punjabi Movie

Movie Review of Punjabi Movie Laung Laachi starring Neeru Bajwa, Amberdeep Singh and Ammy Virk. Directed by Amberdeep Singh.

Star cast: Amberdeep Singh, Neeru Bajwa, Ammy Virk, Amrit Maan, Veet Baljit, Nirmal Rishi, Gurpreet Bhangu, Vijay Tandon, Baninderjit Singh, Hobby Dhaliwal

Director: Amberdeep Singh

Producer: Villager Studios (Bhagwant Virk, Nav Virk)

Music: Gurmeet Singh, DJ Flow

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Running Time: 134 minutes (U/A certified)

The movie starts with the wedding night of Mehanga and Laachi (Neeru Bajwa). “Bada chaah si, pehlan pyaar hunda, fer vyaah”, a dialogue which was expected to play a notable role in the movie for it was seen in both the poster and the trailer of the movie. It is this desire of Laachi which moves the movie forward. The couple decides to live as strangers post their marriage for Laachi wanted to fall in love with her husband.

The story develops much to the likes of the public at this point in time. The husband-wife in Mehanga and Laachi living together as strangers in one home is adorable. But what lets the film down in the first half is the presence of other characters, which are more for the sake of it and not serving much of a purpose.

Mehanga and his mother (Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu) are under the debt of the lala (Vijay Tandon) of their village. They cash in on the ability of Laachi to sing and earn money in a bid to repay the loan. This brings into picture Jagtar Maan (Amrit Maan), who is a budding singer in the Punjabi industry. He introduces Laachi to a superstar in Ajaypal Singh (Ammy Virk) and interval strikes.

There are weak points with respect to writing in the first half, but, the movie is still watchable due to some effective comedy punches and the chemistry of the lead pair. However, the movie falls flat post interval to the extent that even many desperate efforts to pick it up can’t do the needful.

Acting – As mentioned above, Amberdeep Singh is impressive in his stint as a lead actor. It won’t be surprising to see him doing more roles in the future. Neeru Bajwa, seen after a long time in a lead role, has also done pretty well. She still has that charm and the essence to carry any role on her shoulder. Ammy Virk more or less was not used to his full potential in Laung Laachi. Considering his current stature in the Punjabi film industry, a role such as this is bound to let down his fans.

Gurpreet Bhangu, who is chiefly praised for her roles in other film, is irritating, at times, in Laung Laachi, especially in her scenes with Vijay Tandon. Baninder Bunny is average with his comic timings. In Amrit Maan, Veet Baljit and Prince KJ Singh, misfired efforts have been put to change the fortune of the movie.

Direction – Post ‘Lahoriye’, people had expected much more than what Amberdeep Singh has given them in Laung Laachi. There are scenes in the movie which remind you of the same backdrops being repeated again and again, which makes it monotonous. Additionally, continuity is a major missing in the movie.

Writing – Given his track record, Laung Laachi has to be Amberdeep Singh’s one of the weakest movie so far in terms of writing. The below average script of the movie is wholly responsible for its actors’ indifferent performance. One could easily find loopholes in the movie, which I wonder why did not come across the mind of Amberdeep Singh while writing and directing the movie.

Music – The music of the movie is worth the praise. The songs have been penned down by Harmanjit, Kaptan, Ravi Raj, Manwinder Maan and Husanpreet Galwatti. Gurmeet Singh and DJ Flow have composed the music in the movie. Talking about the singers, Ammy Virk, Amrit Maan, Prabh Gill, Gurshabad and Mannat Noor have lent their voices in the movie. Mannat Noor has stood out in the movie for each of her song is a delight for the listeners. Moreover, no song was out of context with respect to the story.

Victories do not come to you at rock-bottom prices. The same has been the case with Amberdeep Singh in his latest movie, ‘Laung Laachi’. Playing the role of a lead actor (Mehanga) for the first time, the actor in Amberdeep Singh wins unequivocally, but this win has come at a sky-high price of direction and writing.


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